CBA 2014


Here is a list of commonly asked questions that we have received from parents. Hopefully you'll find the answers here. If not, please do not hesitate to ask, using the handy form provided below.

Thank you for submitting your CBA Orders on time! We are currently processing them for CBA delivery on November 28, 2014.

For those parents that have missed last Friday's deadline and still wish to purchase, you have the following options:

  • To purchase Digital Images online.
    We do not charge any late fees for this option. You may access them at the gallery links on either the Order Forms or the Reminder Emails sent last week. If you have any problem signing onto your galleries, please send us a note via the form at the bottom of this page. Please note that December 31, 2014 will be the last day to purchase any digital images online. Portraits will then be archived and no longer be available for purchase. 
  • To purchase Prints.
    Please submit the Paper Order Form to CBA Office by next Friday morning, November 7, 2014. Please include your mailing address on the Order Form and add $20 (late & shipping) fees to your purchase. November 7, 2014 is the very last day to submit any Print Orders. 


Why are late fees $20 ($10 late fees and $10 shipping fees)?

Group processing yields time and cost efficiencies. Late orders not only affect our workflow process, but also incur additional costs that are highly ineffective when it comes to single/few orders. The late fees only reflect a fraction of our costs. We subsidize the remainder of the additional costs necessary to deliver the late orders.


Is there a way to avoid late fees?
Yes, you may purchase the digital downloads online. There is no late fee nor shipping fee charged to you, even when you miss the October 24, 2014 deadline. This feature is available online until December 31, 2014. All portraits will be archived from then on. 


Where will the late orders be shipped to?

We will mail the late order directly to your residence (with tracking and insurance). Please provide us with your mailing address on either the Order Form or the form below.


The bottom of the backdrop is visible. 
The images were cropped too tight, or there is not enough room over my child's head.

Taking photos at times requires some quick reactions to capture the perfect moment and angle for your child. As a result, the bottom of the backdrops may sometimes appear rolled up or the background does not appear to be as perfect as it should be. Or there seems not to have enough room over my child's head.

Rest assured, any background issues such as these will be corrected in the final portrait at no cost when purchased. Please judge the children's expressions, compositions and lighting. 

Please let us know your instructions using the form below, so we will pay closer attention to it. 


One of my digital downloads has an image that hasn't been touched up yet.  

Drop us a line via the form below. We'll make the touch-ups and notify you when the final digital version is ready to be downloaded.


I'd like more (or less) background above my child's head, how much is cropping?

Cropping is always free. Please let us know your instructions using the form below, so we will pay closer attention to it. 


What is $7 fee for photographic correction?

We, along with CBA Staff, have taken our time and tried our best to straighten the children out at both individual and class photo times. If there are any issues you see on the proof you'd like corrected, other than the background issues, e.g, pimples/complexion, stray hair, teeth, etc.,  there will be a $7 fee. 

Please note that corrections are done on a best-effort basis. If we are not able to correct them, we'll notify you and refund the $7 fee and/or the order on this image.


I ordered one of the Packages (A, B or C) and would like the free digital downloads. Why are digital downloads only available when I order online?

The online system we offer provides convenience and reduces the administrative hours it requires for all parties involved. As part of the incentive for parents to use the online system, we offer free digital downloads straight from the system immediately after one of the Packages (A, B or C) is purchased.  


I purchased Package C online. On the Order Form, it indicates that 3 digital images can be downloaded immediately after payment. I was able to download one only. 

For Package C, the system is only able to provide one free downloadable image immediately after the purchase. To bypass this, an email with a coupon code for the 2 additional images will be sent to you with further instructions (for a total of 3 images in Package C).

Please note that the offer of the free digital image is not available when it comes to paper orders. 


Why is the multiple sibling discount (50% off the smallest order for the 3rd sibling and onwards) not available online?

Currently, the online system is not able to handle our offer of sibling discount orders. We would gladly accommodate them if you submit your completed paper orders through the CBA Office. 


I'd like retakes for my children. What do I need to do?

Please complete the form below, indicating the student's name, grade and what was not satisfactory. You will be notified closer to the Retake Day. 


We do not have a chequing account. Do you accept cash instead?

Paper/Print Orders are mailed to us from CBA Office via Canada Post. Due to postal limitations and restrictions, we strongly discourage you to submit cash payment. CBA, Jeff Ho Photography and Canada Post cannot be held responsible if your cash payment is lost in transit. 

Under such circumstance, I would recommend you to make your order online and pay with a credit card via PayPal. Your online private gallery can be found on your Order Form or you can email us for your link if it is misplaced or could not be accessed. We are happy to provide any assistance. 

As an alternative, we also accept Money Orders and Bank Drafts made payable to "Jeff Ho Photography". 


The dog ate my price list!

No problem! Here is a link to the price list you received at CBA.


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